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Firewood Regulations

Moving firewood can put the trees at your destination at risk.

Firewood can harbor many different kinds of invasive pests and diseases that are harmful to Wisconsin's trees in both forest and urban settings. Gypsy moth, oak wilt, emerald ash borer and others hitchhike on firewood, making their way easily into previously unaffected, healthy areas. This is a serious threat to trees throughout the state.

Although it is still legal to move firewood in certain areas, it is almost always a bad idea to do so.

The one exception is Wisconsin certified firewood. Firewood from a vendor that is certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has been processed to remove or destroy hitchhiking pests. The certification program is available to firewood manufacturers. Learn more about firewood certification and view a list of certified vendors.

If you have an EAB-infested tree that you would like to use as firewood, be aware that EAB can continue to emerge from the wood for two years after cutting. To avoid spreading EAB, split and leave the wood to age near where you cut the tree for two summers. After two years of drying, EAB that may have been within the wood will have emerged or died. The aged firewood poses little risk of introducing EAB and you may move it freely within the limits of the quarantine.

Emerald ash borer and firewood restrictions
State and federal laws forbid moving hardwood firewood out of emerald ash borer quarantined areas. Because all Wisconsin counties are now quarantined for emerald ash borer, it is illegal for you to take hardwood firewood out of state to areas not quarantined for emerald ash borer.

This map shows the most current national and international quarantines.

Firewood Restrictions on all DNR Properties
A Wisconsin firewood rule is in place to protect our parks and forests from firewood hitchhikers. This rule prohibits bringing firewood onto any DNR properties from more than 10 miles away or from a quarantined area, unless the property is also in that quarantined area.

This map indicates a 10-mile radius around each of Wisconsin's state parks and forests. Visit the DNR's firewood page for more information about firewood regulations and planning your next camping trip.

Firewood Restrictions on Other Properties
A number of Wisconsin county parks and campgrounds as well as private campgrounds have restrictions that mirror the state rule. Municipalities may also have ordinances restricting firewood on public or other property. Call ahead before heading to your destination.

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