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Report EAB

Please note that this form is for reporting EAB in Wisconsin only. If you are from a different state, please contact your state or local forestry authorities.

Thank you for your efforts in helping to detect this pest and protect Wisconsinís resources.

Please submit your concern in the form below or call 1-800-462-2803.
Provide information for all the fields and, if possible, submit an electronic photo of the insect or tree damage in question.

If you have concerns regarding an insect that you've seen or have collected, please note that the emerald ash borer is a very distinct beetle and is often confused with other, more common green beetles in Wisconsin. For comparison, please review these Web sites to see if your sample matches one of them.

EAB Look-Alikes

If you have concerns about tree damage or suspicious signs or symptoms that your ash tree is displaying, please review these Web sites for additional information.

Finally, EAB infests ONLY ash trees. Please confirm that the tree in question is indeed an ash. Remember, mountain ash or prickly ash are not TRUE ash trees and are not susceptible to EAB.

If you have the insect or larva, or clear photos of the insect or larva please upload or send them to:
Melody Walker
P.O. Box 8911
Madison, WI 53708-8911
Photos also can be e-mailed to

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Please fill out the following information. Your form will be reviewed by program staff. A program staff member may contact you to discuss further details, if needed.
Thank you.

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