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Wisconsin Landscape Registry

Information for lawn care and landscaping businesses

How to search the registry for addresses

Information for Wisconsin residents who want to sign up for the Landscape Registry

The Landscape Registry allows Wisconsin residents to be notified before lawn care and landscape companies apply pesticides to neighboring property. You list the addresses that you want to be notified about, and companies check that list against their lists of clients.

The Landscape Registry is open for new registration and renewal registration from November 1st to February 1st.


  • You will have to complete three steps to receive notification
    1. Register your name and contact information if you are not previously registered.
    2. Create a password so you can log in.
    3. Enter the addresses for which you want notification.


  • Click on 'Participant Login' on the left hand side menu.
  • Login using your email and password.
  • Verify your registration information.
  • Go to the property page and click on the renew or delete button for each property. You must renew at least one address to renew your listing and remain active for the next year.

Some things to remember:

  • You are already registered if you were on the registry in a previous year, but you must renew at least one address each year to continue receiving notifications.
  • You can only list addresses on blocks that are immediately adjacent to the block you live on.
  • Schools, day care centers and businesses cannot be notified through this system.
  • This system applies only to pesticide applications by businesses to lawns and landscaping. We cannot require notification when:
    • Farmers or commercial applicators apply pesticides on agricultural crops
    • People apply lawn care and landscape pesticides on their own property
    • Property owners or commercial applicators apply pesticides to buildings, either inside or outside.
  • You can add addresses to, or delete them from, your list only from November 1 through February 1 each year, so that companies are not working from a constantly changing list during the growing season. You can view your list or change your contact information anytime during the year.
  • We cannot keep your information confidential because companies need to see it, and because state law requires it to be an open record.
  • You cannot use the registry to stop pesticide applications.
For more details, read the Commonly Asked Questions factsheet.

Information for Lawn and Landscaping Businesses

You can access the registry search page by clicking on “Search Registry” on the left side of the screen or “How to search the registry at the top of the screen”. You do not need to log in; the registry is an open record that the public can view.

If there are addresses listed that you feel do not qualify for the notification program, please contact us. Call 608-224-4500 or email at

Your notification requirements remain the same:

  • You must notify people at least 12 hours before applying pesticides on properties listed on the registry. If you reschedule, you must notify them again at least 12 hours before application.
  • Notification can be by phone, mail, or written notice left at the registrant's address
  • Notifications left on voicemail should include the date and time you called.
  • Mailed notifications must be postmarked at least two business days before the application.
  • Your notification must include:
    • Your business name, address and telephone number
    • The date of the scheduled application
    • The address of the landscape to be treated
    • The pesticides that may be applied

Important: Be sure your employees are aware of these requirements. You are responsible if your employees do not provide notification. You should keep a record of your notifications.

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