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You can search the registry using the form below. 

Commercial pesticide applicators, please note:  You are looking for addresses where you have been hired to apply pesticides, and a neighbor has asked to be notified before the application. When your search results appear, the addresses on the left are those that someone has asked to be notified about. The person you will notify is listed to the right of those addresses.

When you search, often you will get better results by filling in less information. Some pointers:

  • Try searching only for the house number, or the number and street name with no prefix , suffix, city, township or county.
  • If it is a number such as N25E4730, try entering it with and without a space in the middle to avoid missing any addresses.
  • “Participant city,” “participant township” and “participant county” on the form refer to the city, town or county where you will be applying the pesticide - not to the residence of the person you will notify.
  • Be sure you know what city or township your client lives in. This can be confusing if the address is on a street or road that is the border between two jurisdictions.
  • If you are searching for a common street name such as Main, use the “Order by” feature to group your results by city, town or county.
  • The addresses for which you need to make notification will not change during the season. However, contact information for the people you must notify may change.

If you would like the entire registry, you can either:

  • Click here for a PDF version, or
  • Click here for an Excel file of the entire registry.
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