Volume 62 Number 9 June 22 2017
This Week's Weather & Pests

Showers and thunderstorms continued, extending an already-protracted planting season in some areas of the state. Rainfall totaled to inch across Wisconsin, with higher amounts falling in the northern counties. The precipitation provided adequate-to-surplus moisture for crops and compounded a wet start to summer. Below-normal temperatures were coupled with rainy weather, as daytime highs reached only the 60s and 70s for much of the week. Overnight lows ranged from the low 40s to low 60s. According to the latest UW Vegetable Crop Update, the cool and wet weather created appropriate conditions for late blight development, and preventive fungicide applications are beginning in the state's main potato production areas. Corn planting has been completed, but delayed planting has permitted black cutworm feeding to persist later into June than normal. Soybean planting was approximately 96% complete, with 84% of the crop emerged at the start of the week.

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