Volume 62 Number 19 November 09 2017
This Week's Weather & Pests

The growing season of 2017 featured widely variable weather, ranging from persistently wet to abnormally dry. An abundance of rainfall in April and May delayed spring planting, causing great disparity in crop development in the state. Early June heat accelerated crop growth and improved prospects, though a mid-month weather pattern change brought cool temperatures with frequent showers that interfered with alfalfa harvesting. Summer heat and humidity returned in July, along with unprecedented flooding that damaged thousands of acres of farmland. Unseasonably cold, dry conditions persisted in August, while September delivered critical warmth needed for late crops to mature. October rain restored depleted soil moisture reserves but kept grain moistures high, and left producers hurrying to harvest what remained of the corn and soybean acreage when the first snowfall arrived at the start of November.

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