Volume 59 Number 18 November 13 2014
This Week's Weather & Pests

Spring arrived slowly in Wisconsin after the frigid winter of 2013-2014. Lingering cool, wet weather limited fieldwork during the first half of May, causing planting delays similar to those observed last year. During the second half of the month, sudden warmth favored a rapid planting pace and more than half of the state's corn and soybeans were planted in the two-week period ending June 1. Abundant June
rain disrupted the first alfalfa harvest, but established critical soil moisture reserves for summer crops. July's pattern of below-normal temperatures and sparse precipitation contin-
ued until widespread rains in mid-August reversed the drying trend. September featured a mid-month cold snap, followed by an extended period of late-season warmth which accelerated crop maturation. Although fall fieldwork continued behind the average pace
in October, crop conditions remained very favorable and near-record corn and soybean harvests are expected.

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