Volume 60 Number 20 December 03 2015
This Week's Weather & Pests

An accelerated planting season, rapid crop development, and exceptional fall harvest conditions all contributed to successful crop production in 2015. Dry, mostly warm April weather facilitated early spring planting across the state, and nearly 40% of the intended corn acreage was planted in a single week (April 27-May 3), the highest percentage recorded for this period in over 30 years. Significant May precipitation virtually eliminated lingering drought conditions and stabilized soil moisture for crop emergence. June featured frequent showers which disrupted alfalfa harvesting, while July weather was cooler-than-normal. An August drying trend led to deteriorating crop conditions in the southwest and central areas, but below-average temperatures minimized heat stress for maturing summer crops. Record-setting September warmth, dry weather in October, and a late killing frost culminated in an early fall harvest, with most Wisconsin farmers reporting excellent yields.

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