Volume 60 Number 15 July 30 2015
This Week's Weather & Pests

Scattered early-week showers interrupted an otherwise dry weather pattern across the state. Daytime high temperatures climbed to the upper 80s on July 28, before a cold front brought cooler and less humid air. Minimal rain accompanied the front's arrival, and warmth and dryness persisted over Wisconsin for much of the week. The increasingly hot, dry conditions accelerated alfalfa and small grains harvesting and spurred summer crop growth, but the heat and limited moisture stressed corn progressing through the tassel and silk stages of development. Signs of the two-spotted spider mite, a dry weather opportunist, began appearing in some soybean fields. Dry soils have become most prevalent in the east-central counties where topsoil moisture levels are rated as 45% very short or short for croplands, and more rain will be needed in August to ensure optimal yields.

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