Volume 59 Number 16 August 21 2014
This Week's Weather & Pests

Significant early-week rainfall across much of Wisconsin improved moisture conditions for summer crops in the latter stages of develop-
ment. An approaching low pressure system brought widespread showers and storms on August 18 and 19, with many locations report-
ing heavy rain of 1-2 inches. The precipitation helped reverse the trend of below-normal rainfall that began in July, although the moisture was unevenly distributed and pockets of abnormal dryness persist in some portions of the state. Rainfall deficits are most acute in the southwest and northeast regions where topsoil moisture ratings declined 4-11 points in the previous week to 76-77% very short or short. Statewide topsoil moisture shortages were an average of 45% short or very short prior to Monday and Tuesday's showers. The July-August dryness is adversely affecting most forage, field and vegetable crops, and yield reductions are probable if the dry weather trend continues in September.

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