Volume 61 Number 13 July 28 2016
This Week's Weather & Pests

Excessive heat and humidity accelerated summer crop development across the state during the week. A brief but intense heat wave began on July 21 and lingered until July 24, with highs approaching the mid-90s and heat index values exceeding 110F in many locations. Overnight lows were abnormally warm and cooled to only the upper 60s and mid-70s. Significant weekend rain eased heat stress on crops and boosted soil moisture supplies, which averaged 94% adequate or surplus statewide at the start of the week, while tropical conditions spurred crop growth even farther ahead of average. Corn is advancing rapidly through the temperature-sensitive tassel and silk stages, and development is four days ahead of last year and six days ahead of the five-year average. Soybean pod setting progressed by more than 20 percentage points and development of the state's crop is now approximately two weeks ahead of last-year and the long-term average.

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