Volume 61 Number 17 August 25 2016
This Week's Weather & Pests

Seasonal temperatures covered much of Wisconsin, accompanied by widespread showers. A band of heavy precipitation spread across the southern and central sections of the state August 18 and 19 and intensified again on August 23 and 24, producing soaking rain and generating significant local flooding in portions of the southwest. Rainfall on August 24 totaled 5.6 inches in Steuben, 5.1 inches in Gays Mills, and 4.2 in Richland Center. Although the deluge added more water to already-saturated fields and slowed harvesting of alfalfa and oats, growing conditions were still mostly favorable for summer crops. According to the USDA NASS report for the period ending August 22, condition ratings for corn and soybeans remained unchanged from the week before, with 87% and 88% of both crops ranked good to excellent. As is seldom the case by late August, less rain and more dry weather is needed for farmers to complete the haying season and to begin the corn silage harvest.

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