Volume 59 Number 11 July 17 2014
This Week's Weather & Pests

An unusually strong cold front settled over the Great Lakes Region early in the week. Daytime high temperatures were 5-17F below-normal and remained unseasonably cool in the upper 50s to lower 70s. Record low maximum temperatures were set on July 14-15 at numerous locations, including Eau Claire, which reported only 67F on July 14, breaking the previous record of 68F set in 1994 and 1952. Rain showers and locally severe storms accompanied the cooling trend, and in the Sevastopol area of Door County, an intense hailstorm decimated crops and left hail accumulations of 3-4 inches which required snow plows to clear. The mid-July cold spell slowed development of summer crops and increased concerns about developmental delays for late-planted corn and soybeans. Reports from the USDA NASS depict generally favorable crop conditions, though an extended period of warmer, drier weather will be critical as crops advance through reproduction.

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