Volume 61 Number 9 June 23 2016
This Week's Weather & Pests

Mild, mostly dry weather dominated the state, improving conditions for alfalfa harvesting, orchard pest control, and post-emergence herbicide applications following last week's wetness. Gusty southwest winds and abundant sunshine pushed early-week highs 5-15F above normal before cooler and less humid air arrived on June 21. Precipitation was scattered and light (0.10 to 0.5 inch), with the largest accumulation (one inch) recorded in the Eau Claire area. June heat and precipitation have spurred plant growth statewide and crops are generally faring very well. The most advanced corn has reached the nine-leaf (V9) stage and soybeans are likely to enter the initial reproductive stages (R1) by early July. Overall, 86% of the corn crop was reported in good to excellent condition at the start of the week, a one percentage point improvement from last week and two points higher than the same time last year.

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