Volume 63 Number 18 November 15 2018
This Week's Weather & Pests

Unusual weather patterns characterized the 2018 Wisconsin growing season. Spring featured a sudden transition from a cold, snowy April to a record warm May. As a result, the planting season was generally compressed, with fieldwork starting late in many areas but mostly ending on schedule. Summer crops exhibited rapid germination and growth due to the late May heat, and more than 50% of the intended corn and soybean acreage was planted during the two-week period ending May 27. Other notable weather developments of the season included above-average June rainfall over much of Wisconsin with contrasting dryness in the central and northern areas; intense late August storms that produced catastrophic flooding; and persistent wet fall conditions that impeded harvest. The season's weather irregularities translated into widely variable outcomes for growers, ranging from record harvests for some, to complete crop loss for others.

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