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Volume 57 Number 16 Date 08/02/2012

LATE-SEASON SOYBEAN WEEDS - Drought conditions have contributed to widespread weed problems this year, and uncontrolled weeds or weed "escapes" are now apparent in soybean fields statewide. The most common species noted during recent surveys were giant ragweed, common lambsquarters, pigweed, velvetleaf and volunteer corn. Late-season spot herbicide treatment may be justified for some fields, but producers who decide to apply herbicides under very dry conditions should be aware that crop injury may occur and weed control could be poor. Selecting an appropriate material based on carryover potential (causing injury to rotational crops) and preharvest intervals is critical. All growers, especially those in the extreme drought zone, are advised to evaluate the existing weed composition in their fields to plan for better control next year.

--Clarissa Hammond, DATCP Weed Scientist