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Volume 59 Number 2 Date 05/08/2014

BROWN MARMORATED STINK BUG - A single specimen was found in a Rock County residence last week, marking the second confirmed indoor find of BMSB this year. The first was from a Dane County homeowner in February. This invasive insect is apparently established at low levels in Dane and Jefferson counties, and has been detected in six other counties since 2010, but still has not been found in any agricultural crop or field setting in Wisconsin.

REDBANDED LEAFROLLER - Low nightly temperatures suppressed moth flights during the April 30-May 7 monitoring period. Weekly counts ranged no higher than 65 moths per trap at 11 reporting apple orchards. The first peak flight of RBLR moths should occur in most southern orchards next week with the accumulation of 160 degree days (base 50F).

SPOTTED TENTIFORM LEAFMINER - Counts of this early-emerging apple pest were also low this week at most sites, with the exception of the Deerfield and Montello orchards which reported 760 and 800 moths, respectively. Moth activity should accelerate sharply in the next few days and peak by mid-May.

-- Krista Hamilton, DATCP Entomologist