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Volume 58 Number 15 Date 08/15/2013

CABBAGE LOOPER - Migrants are appearing in low numbers in pheromone and black light traps as far north as Chippewa Falls. Although the full extent of the current flight is unknown, weekly scouting is advised this month and through early September. A 10% infestation threshold should be used from early heading until harvest to protect the market quality of cabbage. The same threshold applies to broccoli and cauliflower once flowers or curds begin to develop.

CUCURBIT DOWNY MILDEW - This disease was diagnosed on melon and winter squash in Jefferson County on August 13, representing the first confirmed case of CDM in the state this season. There have been no additional detections of the disease on commercial, home garden, or sentinel cucurbit, but Extension Vegetable Plant Pathologist, Dr. Amanda Gevens reports that the southern tier of Wisconsin may have received inoculum about one week ago. She advises cucurbit growers to carefully inspect leaf undersides for dense, brownish-gray, sometimes purplish masses of sporulation. Leaf samples with CDM symptoms can be submitted for diagnosis to the Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic, or to the UW Vegetable Pathology Laboratory, 1630 Linden Dr. Rm. 689, Madison, WI 53706.

-- Krista Hamilton, DATCP Entomologist