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Volume 58 Number 6 Date 06/06/2013

SOYBEAN APHID - Colonization of VC-V1 soybeans was documented on June 4 at the West Madison Agricultural Research Station, according to a report from University of Wisconsin-Madison Entomologist, Dave Hogg. Densities were higher than expected at 1-17 aphids per infested plant, with an average of 0.7 winged "alate" adults and 5.3 nymphs per infested plant. Of the 100 plants sampled, 13 were infested. The report also states that aphids were abundant and producing numerous alates on buckthorn plants examined at four sites in the Madison area, although laboratory testing is required to confirm the species as soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, and not the buckthorn aphid, A. nasturii. At the very least, these observations indicate that soybean aphids are in the air, dispersing, and have the potential to find and rapidly colonize soybeans as soon as plants become available.

-- Krista Hamilton, DATCP Entomologist