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Volume 57 Number 16 Date 08/02/2012

POTATO LEAFHOPPER - Nymphs and adults remain abundant in sweep net collections. The average count this week was 2.3 per sweep in Buffalo, Juneau, Monroe, Pepin and Trempealeau counties, although a few individual fields contained very high populations of 4.5-5.2 per sweep. Many of the most heavily infested alfalfa fields are showing foliage with distinct V-shaped yellowing due to this insect, in addition to chlorosis caused by drought stress. Regular monitoring throughout August is advised since the warm, dry weather pattern forecasted for this month is expected to favor leafhoppers.

PLANT BUG - Representative counts in the central and west-central areas are non-economic and range from 0.3-3.4 per sweep. The tarnished plant bug is currently the most common of the plant bug species found in alfalfa. Nymphs of various maturities were swept from all fields sampled this week.

--Krista Hamilton, DATCP Entomologist