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Volume 58 Number 15 Date 08/15/2013

POTATO LEAFHOPPER - Counts remain below-threshold in all surveyed areas, rarely exceeding 1.5 per sweep. Levels of this insect have been non-economic all season long, despite a timely spring arrival and favorable temperatures in June and July. Routine monitoring is still recommended through early September.

PLANT BUG - Nymphs were less abundant in fields sampled this week, indicating reproduction has slowed in response to the cooler weather of the past several weeks. Populations ranged from 0.1-1.4 per sweep and averaged 0.4 per sweep. The alfalfa plant bug is currently the more common of the two main plant bug species found in alfalfa.

PEA APHID - In contrast to other alfalfa pests, counts of this insect have increased slightly in response to this month's cool and mostly dry weather, which favors aphid population growth. The average count from August 9-14 was four per sweep, although densities varied from 1-12 per sweep. The higher counts were found in Monroe and Vernon counties.

-- Krista Hamilton, DATCP Entomologist