Emerald ash borer is an invasive wood-boring beetle that attacks all species of ash trees that exist in Wisconsin. It was first introduced into the United States on shipping crates from China, where it is a native species. Since its first detection in Michigan in 2002, it has spread to most states east of the Mississippi and a number of states west of the Mississippi. We first found it in Wisconsin in 2008. It is expected that wherever ash trees are present, EAB will eventually show up and cause widespread mortality. EAB moves to new areas when humans carry it there, usually on firewood.

In Wisconsin, the southern third of the state is generally infested. EAB has been found in pockets in much of the rest of the state. The entire state is under a quarantine. Although it may seem backward, the effect of the quarantine is to allow legal movement between counties of firewood and other regulated materials, such as timber.

Despite the statewide quarantine, we have not yet detected EAB in much of the northern half of the state. That's one reason that we still strongly recommend that citizens "burn it where you buy it" -- in other words, don't haul firewood around the state. You could be carrying EAB to a new area, and you could be carrying other pests and diseases as well. And you could still be violating the spongy moth quarantines. Firewood from the 50 counties under spongy moth quarantines cannot move outside those counties. More information about spongy moth quarantines can be found here.

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