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Wisconsin's Response Plan

What is Wisconsin doing to prevent EAB?

Although EAB beetles can fly a few miles on their own, they mainly spread to new areas with the help of people. Hitching rides in materials that people move, EAB can spread quickly. Some of the most important steps Wisconsin is taking regarding EAB include:

1. Raising citizen awareness

2. Restricting the movement of firewood and materials that could potentially carry EAB into new locations.

3. Monitoring for evidence of the insect

Wisconsin Rules Helping Prevent EAB Spread
DATCP rule (DATCP 21), allows our state to restrict the movement of certain items coming from areas infested with emerald ash borer (EAB quarantined areas). These items include firewood, logs, mulch or nursery stock.

DNR rule NR 45.04 (1) (g) restricts firewood movement onto DNR managed properties in Wisconsin to prevent the spread of EAB to Wisconsin forests and recreational areas.

Wisconsin Activities
Related to EAB prevention and detection:

1. Wisconsin created a response plan prior to finding EAB in the state

2. Outreach materials are shared with public and private campgrounds and visitors to DNR properties

3. Information is displayed at Madison Garden Expo, Milwaukee Realtors show, Wisconsin Campground Owners convention and many more events

4. Tabletop exercises and other ongoing planning sessions are conducted with urban foresters, federal partners, national forests, extension staff, nurseries, and others to identify responsibilities and shortcomings in a state response

5. Workshops for the paper, pulp, and timber industries discuss the use of ash wood after necessary tree removals

6. Information is presented to urban foresters, Wisconsin Council on Forestry, legislative committees, arborists, and many others

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Wisconsin's emerald ash borer program goals and strategies for 2016-2017.

Wisconsin's overall, long-term plan for dealing with emerald ash borer.

Wisconsin's 2016 EAB Program Summary.
WI EAB program summary 2016.pdf

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