Where has EAB been found?

EAB was first discovered in North America near Detroit, Michigan in 2002. Since then the beetle has spread to Canada and more than a dozen states, including Wisconsin.

Emerald ash borer was found for the first time in Wisconsin in August 2008 near the community of Newburg, several miles northeast of West Bend. Since then, EAB has been confirmed in many counties.

However, more of Wisconsin is still free of emerald ash borer than not. Most counties where the pest has been found have only small areas of infestation. That is why it is still so important to follow quarantine rules and to limit the movement of ash wood and raw ash products. By taking these precautions, we slow the spread of emerald ash borer to the northern forests where most of Wisconsin's ash trees are, and also slow the spread in the south.

You can find out where we've confirmed EAB in Wisconsin using the interactive map below, or by checking the map of confirmed finds in the state.

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Map showing where EAB has been found in Wisconsin

Map showing where EAB has been found in the United States

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