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Mills can utilize hardwood originating from a Wisconsin EAB-quarantined zone with a DATCP compliance agreement. Wood using firms within the Wisconsin EAB-quarantined zone can ship hardwood material out with a compliance agreement. If mills desire hardwood from outside of Wisconsin originating in an EAB-quarantined zone, they can obtain an APHIS compliance agreement to obtain the wood. A compliance agreement will stipulate that wood be moved out of the quarantined zone in a certain time period and be processed by a certain date. In addition, the compliance agreement will require that waste material, such as bark and wood, be chipped down to a specific size or destroyed. See the sample compliance agreements, below, for further details.

For compliance agreements, contact Tim Allen at DATCP, or JoAnn Cruse at USDA APHIS.

Sample compliance agreement

Guide to Wisconsin's regulations on the transportation, utilization and disposal of ash wood

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