Volume 64 Number 18 August 29 2019
This Week's Weather & Pests

Mostly dry weather dominated the state during the last week of August, facilitating harvest of potato, small grain, and vegetables. Near or below-normal temperatures prevailed for a fifth consecutive week, with afternoon highs limited to the 60s and 70s and overnight lows falling to the upper 30s along Lake Michigan,. A storm system on August 26 brought rain to much of the state, including storm totals exceeding 2 inches in the far southeast near Racine and Kenosha, though lighter amounts (<.25 inch) were recorded in the west. Conditions supported fieldwork such as seeding fall crops and baling hay, but crop development continued to lag the normal pace by 2-3 weeks, raising concern for potential damage if the first autumn freeze comes early. A rare combination of sustained September heat, adequate moisture, and a very late frost will be needed for Wisconsin's late-developing corn and soybeans to reach maturity this fall.

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