Volume 64 Number 3 May 16 2019
This Week's Weather & Pests

Rainfall diminished from the previous week and a warming trend began, favoring an acceleration of fieldwork throughout Wisconsin after significant early-season delays. Mild and mostly dry weather afforded growers a larger window for field activities compared to recent weeks, and both spring tillage and planting advanced as rapidly as could be expected. Despite improved temperatures and soil moisture conditions, planting progress for corn, oats, soybeans and vegetable crops remained well behind normal. At the start of the week, only 14% of the state's intended corn acreage had been planted, 11 days behind average and the slowest pace since 2013. Meanwhile, most farmers have yet to begin planting soybeans, with only 4% of this year's acres in the ground. A continuation of warm, dry weather is needed to offset spring planting delays, but the 10-day forecast calls for the opposite.

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