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You will need a PDF reader to view the Pest Survey Bulletin.

November 16 - 8 page PDF
A summary of our fall surveys.

October 12 - 6 page PDF
Reader survey for Pest Bulletin subscribers. Gypsy moth trapping complete - largest moth counts of any year.

September 7 - 6 page PDF
State sets record gypsy moth catches. Last weekly issue of the Pest Survey Bulletin.

August 31 - 4 page PDF
Soybean aphid numbers falling around the state. Soon, multicolored Asian lady beetles will begin congregating on or in peoples homes.

August 24 - 8 page PDF
Marinette Co. has record gypsy moth catches. A unidentified fungal disease of spruce nursery stock and Christmas trees has been found throughout Wisconsin again this year.

August 17 - 6 page PDF
Soybean cyst nematode found in Dodge Co. The UW-Ginseng Field Day at the research garden in Marathon Co. is Aug. 29th.

August 10 - 6 page PDF
European corn borer trap counts on the rise; second generation oblique banded leaf roller flight begins, three weeks earlier than the norm.

August 3 - 8 page PDF
Soybean aphid populations show dramatic increase.

July 27 - 8 page PDF
Wisconsin joins state with daylily rust; corn leaf aphid widespread.

July 20 - 6 page PDF
Gypsy moths have begun flying. Lack of precipitation is stressing crops.

July 13 - 6 page PDF
Early blight of potatoes showing up; soybean aphid numbers varied around state.

July 6 - 8 page PDF
Daylily rust found in Kansas; Entomophaga on gypsy moth found in more WI locations.

June 29 - 6 page PDF
Soybean aphid found on buckthorn.

June 22 - 6 page PDF
Apple ermine moth found in Columbia County.

June 15 - 8 page PDF
Forest tent caterpillars (still); armyworms; special Bravo registration for ginseng.

June 8 - 8 - 6 page PDF
Black cutworm finds; rhizoctonia root rot of potato.

June 1 - 6 page PDF
Possible apple ermine moth find; gypsy moth trapping begins.

May 25 - 8 page PDF
Armyworms attack; plum curculio damage shows up.

May 18 - 8 page PDF
Potato leafhopper finds begin; potato cull pile destruction deadline looms.

May 11 - 6 page PDF
Codling moth first flights; Septoria leaf blotch of wheat; first aster leafhopper finds.

May 4 - 8 page PDF
Corn flea beetle survey is underway; winterhoneybee loss numbers are in; gypsy moth spraying set.

April 27 - 6 page PDF
Spotted tentiform leaf miner flights increase; black cutworm flights begin.

April 19 - 6 page PDF
Red-banded leafrollers are flying, but black cutworms aren't....

March 30 - 10 page PDF
Flat scarlet mite, Daylilly rust, multi-colored Asian lady beetles (again).