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You will need a PDF reader to view the Pest Survey Bulletin.

November 14- 10 page PDF, 460 KB
Highlights include: End-of-season pest summaries for corn, soybeans, Christmas trees, bees and more. Final gypsy moth trap counts.
November 14, text-only-10 page PDF, 394 KB

October 3- 7 page PDF, 373 KB
Highlights include: European corn borer survey results; the year's only Stewart's wilt find; how to help the hunt for canker-resistant butternuts.
October 3, text-only-5 page PDF, 237 KB

Sept 5- 8 page PDF, 255 KB
Highlights include: Exotic red slug found; broom rust of fir. Our last weekly Bulletin of the season.
Sept 5, text-only-8 page PDF, 200 KB

August 29- 7 page PDF, 355 KB
Highlights include: Emerald ash borer found in Maryland on nursery stock; corn leaf blights on the increase; Zimmerman pine moth damage showing up.
August 29, text-only-7 page PDF, 200 KB

August 22- 10 page PDF, 503 KB
Highlights include: Powdery scab of potato found in WI production field for the first time; focus on balsam gall midge.
August 22, text-only- 9 page PDF, 213 KB

August 15- 8 page PDF, 273 KB
Highlights include: Soybean aphid populations reach season's peak; corn earworm trap counts begin to rise; focus on flat-headed apple tree borer.
August 15
, text-only- 7 page PDF, 195 KB

August 8- 10 page PDF, 314 KB
Highlights include: Cowpea aphid on alfalfa; soybean aphid populations building on snap beans; rhizosphaera needlecast of spruce showing up.
August 8, text-only- 9 page PDF, 217 KB

August 1- 8 page PDF, 225 KB
Highlights include: Gypsy moth male adult flight underway; soybean aphid numbers skyrocket; potato early blight continues to spread.
August 1, text-only- 8 page PDF, 195 KB

July 25- 10 page PDF, 282 KB
Highlights include: Soybean aphid pressure intensifies; second flight of European corn borer begins; cottony maple scale becoming active.
July 25, text-only- 10 page PDF, 200 KB

July 18- 10 page PDF, 252 KB
Highlights include: Corn rootworm adults emerging in the south; still no late blight reported; focus on Japanese beetle.
July 18, text-only- 10 page PDF, 188 KB

July 11- 10 page PDF, 299KB
Highlights include: Potato late blight severity values reach critical stage; first corn earworm pheromone trap catch of the year; Rhizosphaera needle cast showing up.
July 11, text-only- 10 page PDF, 204 KB

July 3- 9 page PDF, 471KB
Highlights include: Soybean aphids begin to show up on snap beans; armyworms march to corn; rose chafers finding roses.
July 3, text-only- 8 page PDF, 204 KB

June 27- 10 page PDF, 294KB
Highlights include: Focus on leaf crumpler; corn leaf aphids making their appearance; gypsy moth pheromone treatments to start.

June 20- 10 page PDF, 414 KB
Highlights include: First blacklight trap data of the season; potato early blight makes appearance; soybean aphid numbers spotty but mounting.

June 13- 10 page PDF, 265 KB
Highlights include: Potato leafhopper nymphs showing up; European corn borer egg masses appearing; focus on Psuedomonas leaf spot.

June 6- 10 page PDF, 319 KB
Highlights include: Soybean aphid time soon; stalk borers showing up; focus on oak tatters.
June 6, text-only- 8 page PDF, 177 KB

May 30 - 10 page PDF, 301 KB
Highlights include: Bean leaf beetles moving to earliest soybeans; honey bee winter mortality report; focus on bronze birch borer.
May 30, text-only- 9 page PDF, 169 KB

May 23 - 7 page PDF, 258.8 KB
Highlights include: New alfalfa disease found in state, European corn borer moths caught, European pine sawfly biology, gypsy moth trapping starting.
May 23, text-only- 5 page PDF, 146.5 KB

May 16 - 9 page PDF, 472 KB
Highlights include: First potato leafhopper migrants arrive; focus on quince rust; gypsy moth spraying set to begin.
May 16, text-only- 7 pages, 252 KB

May 9 - 8 page PDF, 388 KB
Highlights include: Powdery scab invasion thwarted; pine needle scale examined in depth.
May 9, text-only- 5 pages, 150 KB

May 2 - 8 page PDF, 310 KB
Highlights include: Fire blight season nears as apple trees prepare to bloom; clover mites may be passing through your house; tarnished plant bugs and aphids make appearance in forages.
May 2, text-only- 5 pages, 150 KB

April 25 - 6 page PDF, 291 KB
Highlights include: Ticks, black cutworms and spotted tentiform leafminers make their appearances; apple scab primary spore season begins in southern part of state.
April 25, text-only- 5 pages, 154 KB

April 11 - 8 page PDF, 390 KB
Highlights include: More Ralstonia on geraniums; alfalfa weevil scouting should begin soon; USDA approved regulatory treatments for nursery stock and Christmas trees.
April 11, text-only- 7 pages, 230 KB

March 28 - 12 page PDF, 644 KB
Highlights include: Ralstonia on geraniums, Potato mop top virus testing, bean leaf beetle information.
March 28, text-only- 6 pages, 106 KB

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