Volume 64 Number 19 November 07 2019
This Week's Weather & Pests

Adverse weather conditions threatened crop production and resulted in a record year for unplanted acres in Wisconsin in 2019. Unprecedented spring rainfall accompanied by below-normal temperatures soaked the state in April and May, leading to a historically-slow planting pace for corn and soybeans. By June 2, only 58% of the state's corn and 34% of the soybeans had been planted, breaking 2013 records of 74% and 43%, respectively. Mid-July heat spurred a more rapid rate of crop growth and an August drying trend pushed development along, but September brought more heavy rains that kept soils soggy and fieldwork well behind schedule. Soils were still unfavorably wet when the first freeze of fall ended the growing season for much of the state on October 11. The numerous weather-related challenges in 2019 led to a staggering 585,000-acre reduction in planted corn and soybean acres, along with widely variable crop conditions and erratic yields.

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