Volume 65 Number 5 May 28 2020
This Week's Weather & Pests

A warm and humid weather pattern spurred crop emergence and fruit tree development across the state throughout the week. Unsettled conditions with daytime highs reaching the upper 70s and 80s prevailed, and widely scattered showers and storms brought varying amounts of rain each day. Temperatures in Madison and other southern locations reached the 80s for three days in a row (May 23-27), making it the hottest streak since last August. Spring planting neared completion in between showers, while adequate soil moistures and warm temperatures stimulated insect activity and apple tree petal-fall in Wisconsin orchards. Corn emergence surpassed 45% statewide, 15 days ahead of last year and two days ahead of the 5-year average and alfalfa fields have shown substantial growth with the recent heat. At the end of May, following an early planting season, prospects for the state's field crops are very favorable.

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