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Product Number:840 V
Product Name:Veterinarian White 840 Tags Official Identification (Read Product Description Before Ordering)
Product Price:$0.00
Product Description:1000 limit per order, for use on replacement cattle and bison only. This is to order USDA 840 white button tags for use on replacement animals. There are a limited supply of these tags and are available while supplies last. Please limit your order to 1000 tags. Wisconsin certified veterinarians may apply the tags to client animals and must keep records for 5 years. Records include the farm name and address, the farm premises registration number (PIN), the tag number, and the date applied. For the 840 tags, these records must also be submitted to DATCP by emailing or mailing to DATCP-DAH PO Box 89111 Madison, WI 53708-8911. Veterinarians may not sell or redistribute official ID tags without approval from USDA through becoming an AIN Device Manager. Your current premises registration number (PIN) is required to order 840 tags. Please enter your PIN in the "Special Instructions" box when ordering. If you do not know if you have a PIN or do not have one, contact Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) at 888-808-1910 or You can request to receive tags from a specific manufacturer (Allflex/DataMars/Y-Tex) using the ?Special Instructions? box when ordering but if tags from the requested manufacturer are not available at the time of the request, the tags may be received from either of these manufacturers. Once you receive your tags, if you need a tagger for that type of tag, you will need to purchase the correct tagger from the manufacturer or one of their distributors. Tags can be ordered in multiples of 100. There can be a delay in receiving these tags. If you need tags quickly please contact DATCP at (608) 224-4889 to verify availability or purchase tags from your regular distributor.
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