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Product Number:840 AVAILABLE (please click on product name) DATCP 840 Tags Shipping
Product Name:DATCP 840 Tags Shipping 100
Product Price:$10.00
Product Description:840 RFID official identification for replacement cattle and bison only. Minimum order of 100 tags. Can order in multiples of 100. Although there is no charge for the tags, there is a fee for shipping. If you prefer to pick up the tags and avoid the shipping fee, please do NOT order online but instead contact Paul Johann (608) 590-8519 to set up an order and have a computer available when you call. Orange tags are available for veterinarians use when vaccinating against brucellosis. White tags are available for veterinarians? use in clients? animals, to markets and dealers, and directly to producers. Veterinarians must keep and submit to DATCP tag distribution records. Markets and dealers must keep records of tag use. Producers can only use 840 tags in their own animals. Tags should not be sold or otherwise shared with anyone and should only be used by the receiving clinic, market, dealer, or producer.
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