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Welcome to the on-line catalog for veterinary supplies. You can order veterinary inspection and vaccination certificates, animal identification tags and other State of Wisconsin required veterinary supplies through this site. All orders will be processed within three to five days of order and payment. Payment will be accepted via Visa, MasterCard or check. Thank you!

Product Catalog

Alert! Please check as of 10/01/2012 some prices and minimum orders of supplies have changed.

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Product Number Product Name Product Price Status Quantity  
AH-BV-06 Calfhood Vaccination Books for Brucellosis Only $4.00 In Stock

AH-CD-101 Cervid Owner Shipping Form For IntrastateSlaughter (Minimum order of 5) $1.50 In Stock

AH-IN-02 Wisconsin Large Animal Certificate of Veterinary Inspection $5.60 In Stock

AH-IN-04 Official Equine Interstate Health Certificate $5.60 In Stock

AH-IN-20 Official Small Animal Interstate Health Certificate $5.60 In Stock

Ah-IN-22 Wisconsin Intrastate Movement For Large Animals (In WI)
(Minimum order of 10)
$0.60 In Stock

AH-IN-2A Continuation Certificate of Veterinary Inspection $1.00 Unavailable    
Notify me when this product is available.

AH-IN-3 Wisconsin Intrastate DOG SELLER Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (for dog sellers only)
(Minimum order of 10)
$0.60 In Stock

AH-JD-16 Johne's Calfhood Vaccination Report
(Sold in packages of 250. Please enter number wanted in multiples of 250)
$0.05 In Stock

AH-RA-200 Small Animal Vaccination Certificate
(Pkgs of 200. Minimum order of 200)
$10.00 In Stock

Deer Dead Deer Tags
(Minimum order of 5)
$1.50 In Stock

E Series Official Wisconsin Veterinarian Cattle Ear Tags - E Series. Please place order with National Band & Tag Company at (859)-261-2035. DATCP can not supply orders at this time. $8.00 Unavailable    
Notify me when this product is available.

FISHPERMIT Fish Import Application Permit Payment $90.00 In Stock

J Series Official Wisconsin Johne's Cattle Ear Tags - The J Series tags will no longer be available, please click for further details. $0.00 Unavailable    
Notify me when this product is available.

L series Animal Livestock Dealer Market Tags - L-Series
(Box of 100) Premises ID Code Required
$3.50 In Stock

L Series Animal Livestock Dealer market Tags - L Series
(Case of 1000) Premises ID Code Required
$20.00 In Stock

S Series Official Wisconsin Feeder Pig Eartags - S Series: Silver
(Price is for box of 100. Please enter # of boxes)
$8.00 In Stock

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