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Alphabetical Listing of SSfW™ Companies

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Quatrefoil Skincare LLC
Contact Name:Yong Jiang
Manufactured/Processed Product     Wholesale Product     Bath and Body      Gift/Novelty      Ginseng/Herbal     Organic/Natural     Soup    
6417 Odana Rd Suite 24  Madison  WI, 53719
Quatrefoil Skincare LLC is a Wisconsin organic skincare company based in Madison, Wisconsin. We are the FIRST skincare company from the Midwest focusing on developing natural and organic skincare products with ingredients from local farms. At QUATREFOIL we created an exclusive range of Natural & Organic skincare products using the purest active botanical ingredients that leave your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. QUATREFOIL was lovingly established through a passion for natural health, beauty and wellbeing. We have dedicated time to research formulations for our exclusive product line of Wisconsin Ginseng Series, Lion?s Mane Series, and Wildflower Honey Series. QUATREFOIL product range is beneficial for all skin types including dry, normal and oily skin. Each product has been specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients to purify, heal, protect and nourish your skin.